The Perfect Workout in 3 Steps

Computer Vision: we work with the best 

The Bodbox Szn1 model utilizes computer vision in order to watch and optimize your movements by comparing them to the greatest athletes in the world. 
It utilizes color as a means of analyzing your movements and keeping you company in the gym or at home. 
The Bodbox Szn2 takes this to an entirely next-gen level and we can't wait to give away more details soon! 

Patent Pending MVMT Training Engine 

Years of data collection and analysis have allowed our team to design specific metrics related to velocity figures the Bodbox analyzes during your workout. In a 30 minute workout, the Bodbox will crunch upwards of 100,000 positional outputs. 

The Bodbox engine allows it to make extremely accurate recommendations based on the data collected using OpenCV computer vision. And as your trainer it doesn't just recommend,
it tells you what to do. 

Machine learning
Artificial Intelligence

The BODbx is the smarter, more optimized version of your workout. It compares your movements to models developed with some of the best athletes in history, starting with many of the greatest swimmers in the world, Chuck and his Olympic training group at Berkeley. Here's a simple explanation of how the BODbx works for you. All instructional details and assistance provided with your robot.