"Failure is Strength, Pain is Motivaion"

Building Our Destiny By Optimizing eXercise.

When Chuck missed his shot at the 2016 US Olympic swimming team by a few spots he thought his story was over. Unknown to him, it was just beginning...

 Mr. BODbx           Barbell BODbx               Ms. BODbx


Chuck spent 17 years training toward his goal of making that team. Relentlessly waking up at 5:30 to stare at a black line on the bottom of the pool after sleeping the night in an altitude tent was his definition of normal. When someone like this misses an opportunity, they don't make excuses - they find solutions.


Hours spent toiling away in an efficiency in Berkeley, CA led to something special. What his friends laughed at initially, became very real - so real that Chuck began to use the robot for his own training as well as a completely new way to find optimizations in the training program for many of the US Olympians he trains and competes with. 




With the help of his roommate training him and providing structure (the "OG bodbox Sean"), Chuck religiously toiled away, combining open source hardware and applying it in a very unique manner. His aim was to design a solution that a true athlete wanted and would use; something that didn't need to be worn or strapped on or harnessed; something that he could use to train himself toward the 2020 Olympics - something that could make the world a brighter place. This something is the Bodbox. And this was just the start.
Chuck + the robot