Finding Flow: The Olympic Approach From Friends of BODbx

BODbx Isabella Arcila, Olympian 2016

Isabella Arcila, Olympian 2016

"For my mental preparation I listen to a recording of positive affirmations and repeat it either out loud or in my head. This process of getting prepped for competition can take about 30 minutes. Before competing in Rio I tried visualization and I really like it but it's really hard for me because I have a distracted mind but I try to implement this before top level competitions.

Sean Mahoney, 2011 Pan American Games Gold medalist

"Number one thing: Caffeine to get the nervous system prepped for peak performance. In addition, I believe having a clear picture of the goal is key. The more specific and the more details, the better. Visualize until your performance feels kindof like a dream."

Rachel Naurath, NCAA All American at UVA

"Shake it off. Literally. Full body shake to stay loose and get ready before a race. That and Jay-Z songs."

Bryce Bohman, 2x All-American WVU Swimming

"I believe the most important concept is knowing that no matter what you do you are doing it better than your competition. Whether that is practice harder, eat cleaner, or remain more focused. During competition you have to know that you have done the work the dividends of your preparation are going to pay off."

Thomas Dahlia, Silver medalist, World University Games

"Prior to a race I always picture myself from the outside - from the start off the block to the finish of the race. I see myself moving powerfully and touching the wall first."